wtorek, 31 stycznia 2012

Winter strugglings with condition

Brr.... the winter finally came. Since the last weekend the temperatures are in the red and it has been snowing a bit! Not really much of the snow, barely any, but always something. It's been laying there, white and sparkling for last two days. I took my camera and went outside to take some picuters of this miracle. Goffert park, the biggest in the whole city seemed to be the best location for this purpose. Plus it was on a way from my gym. I'd like to proudly highlight that I have been cycling through the snow and ice. And I'm still alive :)

The weather is dreamy: beautiful sun, cloudless clear blue sky, freeze. Yeah, the freeze.... I feel a bit embarrassed since the temperature is barely -1, maybe -4 degrees and I'm struggling with it just like the times I was still living in Krakow and the termometers were showing -20. I don't get it why I feel it so bad, the humidity doesn't seem to be that  much bigger. When I go outside I'm fully prepared for the winter of the century: polar jumper, down jacket, a scarf, handgloves, woolen hat with pompons and warm "ugg" boots, which I bought thanks to my dad's suggestion when i was last time in Poland (and for what I'm eternaly thankful now). And what? And I'm still freezing! My fingers go numb and I stay in a crouching defenssive posture. It feels even worse when I see all the Dutch people accepting this weather with a dignity and not impressing them much. The hot sumer and long, warm autumn have spoil me. Even Gosia goes crazy from the cold in London with 4 degrees plus... Now it's hard to admit that we both come from the cold, bad, freezing Poland. I feel ashamed with my lack of tolerance for cold. But no, I don't sympathize with my compatriots who have to deal with over -20 degrees lately... I feel too cold for symaphizing.

However we don't give up with this "cruel" aura and as I mentioned above, we keep our promise to work out. We have written us in to the gym with Maurice this weekend and this weakling has a sore muscle pain till today. Definitelly carring the heavy closet on the third floor on Sunday did not help him to recover. Yesterday he wasn't even able to throw a snowball at me... while I'm feeling perfect (and it doesn't mean I was lazy). You just have to know where are your boundries and not cross them. Not like Maurice believing that thought he had a year break in working out, now he can do exactly the same as before. Sorry my dear, you've overestimated yourself - now suffer.

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