czwartek, 5 stycznia 2012

Eating habits

Let's check the cuisine. What is it what the citizens on Windmill Country eat? I heard this question many times, since I came here first time a year ago. Mostly my famil and friends were interested how does the traditional dutch cuisine look like. Well, after these three months, living between the Dutch I can finally honestly answer that question: just like the asian cuisin!

I'm not kidding. Most popular are chinese, indonesian, thai, indian, turkish and surinamese dishes. For me it's great! Any lover of the asian goodies would be delighted here or even happily thrilled. I guess I have never eaten so much of chinese in my entire life as in these last few months. Someone could suggest that maybe I'm just choosing these dishes, but trust me, i'm not subjective. It is the reality. The best proof for my theory are the omnipresent turkish shops, asian restaurants, cafeterias with food to go and TOKO. The last one is my favorite. at the bgining I didn't understand well what are these shop-cafaterias. You can buy there any product (and not only groceries) you can imagine, typical for the cuisine of the toko you are visiting. In some of these they are serving already prepared dishes to go. You want more proves? In the supermarkets of themost popular chain next to the normal groceries, there are the whole big shelves with any asian assortment, starting with vaggies, through soups, sauces, spieces, side dishes finishing with the whole dinners. Instant and fresh as well. If You'd go to the city center, you'd notice many trailers with warm vietnamese snacks. There's nothing better than delicious, crunchy loempia (or a spring roll as it's called in english). There's always someone standing by these trailers and crunching.

Where did this all come from? So much intensity of asian cuisine  in the middle of Europe? The answer couldn't be easier: colonies! The Nethelands had quite some of its colonies in Indonesia, Sri Lanca, South Africa and Suriman. During the ages different exotic delicacies were coming here and finally stayed for good, while the turkish specialities came here with big wave of emigrants. Besides who doesn't like the turkish food?!

Of course there is also a very traditional dutch cuisine. It's mostly one pot dishes like stampot and honestly, they are not that different from the polish ones. Vegetables, pieces of meat, sausage... Thick and heavy soups like erwtensoep (green peas soup) reminds me of our polish pea soup. But on this topic I'll focus some other time.


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