piątek, 13 stycznia 2012

It's quite windy on the dike

The weather got crazy. I can't remember if there has ever been so warm in the middle of the January. Not mentioning the lack of snow this winter. I'm not complaining... The clear blue sky inspired me today to have a little sightseeing trip. I took my loyal bike and went to Ooij, the village close to Nijmegen.

The weather was perfect for such a trip. The only downside was a strong wind, especially that the road to Ooij leads through the dike so there's no place to hide. Lovely idyllic views... Some cottages here and there, little lakes, willows, green meadows and pastures with sheeps and... furry cows! Yup, you heard me well. Furry. Fur. Fluffy (I'm not really sure of that, I didn't touch them, but they looked fluffy to me). You would think, that if you were raised at the countryside, you would know how the cow can look like. And here such a surprice! Fairly educating trip.

The road goes along the dike by the Waal river (of course in some reasonable distance), so it was a perfect place to see the raised water level. Few weeks ago in the media you could hear alarms about high water level mostly in north parts of Holland. But even in Nijmegen a road along the river was closed. Outside the city you could still see it quite well that the water flooded the area between the river and the dike. The trees were growing literally in the water. Neverthless the views were really nice.

Apparently i wasnot the only one who decided to use the weather. It's a very quiet and popular trail, just outside the city, so I was passing by many cyclists and joggers, nordic walkers or just strollers. All of them smiling and friendly greeting me. Feels so pleasent. Hearing the birds singing, ducks quacking, sheeps moaning... I don't know how about you, but I feel very much like spring :)

More pictures in my web photo album: Ooij

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