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Second hand bicycle

We have a new member of the family. It's been already a month, since our bicycle got stolen, so it also means, that we could finally buy one of the abandoned bikes from the police's storehouse. Saturday morning we went with Maurice to get us one.

In the Netherlands all abandoned and parked in a forbidden place  bicycles go to the Algemene Fiets Afhandel Centrale, where from their owners can pick them up after showing the matching key for the locker and paying 10 Euro fee (there must be some punishment). As I mentioned a month ago, in case when your bike got stolen and you did report this to the police, after a month you can go to the AFAC storehouse and buy one of the vehicles with quite a reasonable price. To be honest we thought they are gonna be a little bit cheaper, but I must admit they all were very nice, functional and decent. We choosed anew successor of our stolen omafiets, this time a bit lighter and better model with the gears (now I'm not afraid of any dutch "mountain"), for the price three times lower that it would normaly cost on the market. Our new member of the family immidiately got a name Snoepje (it's a bit confusing for Maurice, cause I call him same way and now he doesn't know if I'm talking about him or the bike) .

Interesting xmas tree decoration in AFAC: bicycle's lights and bells
All we had to do was to get our new vehicle to our house. With any effort we simply could not pack it into out tiny car, so one of us had to cycle back home. By "one of us" I ment myself, cause though I was wearing heels (which now I kow are not very comfortable for cycling) it was still better not to give me a car. First, my driving skills are not impressive (especially after such a long time of not driving), second... I didn't know the way back home! I realised it when I reached the first crossroads. Ok... where now? Standing on the traffic lights I notices a tiny figure of Maurice waving to me from the other side of the roundabout. Apparently he also get the idea the my knowledge of the topograthy of the city is very poor. This is how we get back home... him in front in a car driving very slowly so I could follow him on the bike. After we reached the house we bought a solid chain and big lock for our new acquisition.

By the way... in AFAC there was quite a lot of people that morning, who came with the same purpose as we did. It seems like the bicycle thieves were busy just before Christmas... 

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