środa, 18 stycznia 2012


The Monday news acted like a grist to my mill (or maybe a wind to my windmill, after all we're in Holland). Looking for a job (yeah... I'm still jobless and it makes me feel like the last lame duck) is focusing now only to a part time jobs or some temporary jobs, few hours a week. If I'm supposed to start studing the dutch language soon, than finding a normal job would be quite useless. Anyway the nice lady from the Inburgering suggested the same.

The fact that I do understand more and more in the weird language is amazing. I feel so proud of me when I think of the Monday meeting, when the whole conversation was in dutch and I had to ask for tarnslation in english only once. I prefered to ensure myself if I did understand the terms of the contract well before signing it. Even the test went quite well. At least that's what the lady said, when she was complementing me. I do realize that she probably say something like that to anyone who knows already some of the language, to keep them motivated, neverthless it worked. I felt very good after the meeting. It was worth the whole efford we did put into this together with Maurice:
  • visit at the information of Inburgering just after I came to Holland
  • getting the permanent residence permit from the IND
  • copie of all formal documents and diplomas handed immidiately
  • motivation letter (!!!) explaining our situation and my longing to become an intergrated part of the dutch society
  • another visits and many calls to find out about the decision and postponing my appointment (by the way, I felt like a pain in the ass, which might be confirmed with the fact, that when Maurice called them after the Christmas, just after a short introduction they already knew it's about me)
  • big wide smile and imploring eyes everytime I had any personal contact with someone from the the Inburgering
But I got it! I got what I wanted! The language course I'm gonna start with the level A2, which actually makes sense for me, since that's the level I shall be after finishing the book I did study from. That's also the reason I thought it would be good to go through it again and systematize the knowledge I've already gained. Unfortunately my dictionary does not say anything about the articles with the nouns and I always have a lot of problems with them. I went through the whole book and write down all the het nouns. Suddenly it went clear, that everytime I was going to the bakery I was making the biggest possible mistake: "that bread". Bread has the het article. Plus i was always pointing at the loaf away behind the counter, stubornly saying deze (which means "this" not "that" and is used for the nouns with the article "de")... Grotesque.

Cross your fingers for my improvments (or the other language mistakes, so I could share it with you).

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