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Partying in a dutch style

New Year. I hope that everybody had a nice and fun New Years Eve 2011 with the great company, cause as they say: like the New Year, like the whole year! I can't complain. Though my patry maybe wasn't perfect, I did spend it with my beloved one and friends. After a small before-party at home and lovely fireworks, second part of the evening was planned to be at a typical clubing party. 

What can I say... It's not really my thing. I never liked it and I guess never will , but I had to give it a chance and intergrate with the rest of the company. First impression was quite funny. A lot of people chatting in the hall where on the wooden crates you could make yourself a cat mask (of course I did! Meeaaawww). In the middle of the hall there was a DJ console and a mini dancefloor with some people dancing and all of it was surrounded with a mini railway track with a funny tiny vehicle where you could pedal. Very popular toy :) It did look a bit funny, but not as hilarious as the karaoke room...under the shower. People in the bathrobes with towels were singing in a bathroom from behind a shower curtain (if you can actually call it "singing" but that's the part of the fun!). Apparently many people like singing under the shower, but how many of them could do it in public? ;)

However the main party simply terrified me. In a huge hall with grandstand hundreds of young people were moving in the rhythm of the electronic music. Typical mass party. Call me an ignorant, but I didn't hear any rhythm. Rather something like sounds of all kitchen equipments with accompaniament of a screwdriver. I tried to intergrate. I tried to get in some kind of trance, which apparently is necessary to enjoy with this music. I couldn't. All I could do was watching my already a bit drunk friends and the rest of the livestock on the dancefloor. All of it covered with beer:
-You want something to drink?
-So here, have a beer!
And a plastic cup with the golden liquid was placed in my hand. Than i had to jump all over the dancefloor running away from unconsciously spilling beer (mostly by Maurice). This flood reached my shoes, my jeans and all the people around. By the way, the temporary bars, where they were serving beer were calling for a help to heaven. Even not the bars as much, as the staff. If any of the bars I have ever been working in would be serving beer and drinks sooo slowly (and they were actually really well prepared for this) as in these ones, we would never even earn for our salaries. I seriously wanted to get there behind the counter and help them.
I'm a little bit afraid, that in the Netherlands famous for its techno music etc, I'm not gona party so much and I start missing the Cracow's bars and clubs, that I liked so much. This music here is not talking to me. Nor this kind of the parties. Luckly I have a really good company here, so I can not be bored :) But I hope I'mnot gonna have to take part in anything like this for the next few months (or ever!). 

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

I would like to wish to all of you Happy New Year and many many successes in 2012:)

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