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Sand, seagulls and a "birthday" gift from the City Hall

Last weekend I had my birthday. Maurice now maliciously keeps saying that he's having a relationship with an older woman (older barely one month...). With this occasion he prepared me a lovely day full of nice surprises. Starting with a delicious breakfast in bad. He put cute colorul paper umbrellas in my sandwiches and he even bought suikerbrood (kind of sticky sweet yeast bread with a generous amount of sugar and cinnamon). Normally he never allows me to buy one, cause as he says it's to caloric!...

We planned to spend an evening in Amsterdam at a friend's place, who also had a bithday the same day. However we also didn't want to waste the whole day by staying home specially that the weather was really nice and sunny. We jumped into the car and went at the seaside. It was Maurice's brilliant idea, way better than walking around the city again. After all Amsterdam is not far from the sea and I have to say I always dreamed about seeing the sea in winter. In Poland I did live to far away from the sea and now I finally had a perfect opportunity. And so, after twenty seven years of my life I got a perfect gift: the beach in winter :)

The beach was quiet and calm. Sound of the waves, people walking on the shore and playing with dogs. Just as I imagined. Maurice was playing with the dogs (he can not let any live creature go without peting it) and I was writing on the wet sand. A great relaxing, joyful afternoon...

The birthday party was bigger than I expected. Some of Simon's family, some of the friends and of course some of the new (for me) faces. I really did enjoy talkingto them, specially that some were imigrants just like me. Talking about our beginings in Holland, finding the job, learning the language.. it was all nice and inspiring.

I also have a really nice breaking news: the city of Nijmegen is sending me to a dutch language course at the university! Today morning I had a very nice meeting with a friendly woman from the Inburgering, which I mentioned already befor before. She was impressed with my commitment to the case, high motivation and higher educations gained in Poland, and that's why they agreed that the course at the Radboud University would be the best for me. I'm gonna start with a bit higher level, A1 plus. In short: the best course they had to offer ever. I'm gonna have to study quite intensively, few times a week for 3-4 hours a day and I should be able to start soon. I just have to wait for the letter from the school with all instructions when, where and how long. Anyway, we can start celebrating! :)

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