sobota, 21 stycznia 2012

In my Winterland

And I'm back in Poland again! Just for the weekend and alone. Maurice stayed in the Neverland to look after our possessions and work on his career ;) We were struggling with this decision till the evening before the day when the flight was planned. I gotta say I kind of help with the decision making process... When I was filling our online check ins, by mistake I put the wrong number of Maurice's passport, so we took it as a sign. He should stay. Especially we weren't sure if he'd make it on time at the airport anyway. Too much uncertainty. Oh well, it's not the first or the last time we're going to Poland.

I was actually really impressed with the flight conditions. It went so fast! I guess it's at least partly thanks to a very nice and fun conversation I had with my co-passenger and the fact that there were no children on board, nor the applause while landing. Wow... it felt like I was in some other different reality. A flight in peace and quiet, without crying and clapping hands. I was listening a bit to conversations of the stewardesses... nothing particulary interesting (I feel that watching Pan Am have destroyed my low expextations for their private lives).

What can I say about Poland... It's lovely. So white and fluffy. Seeing the difference with amount of snow in both countries I start believing that I moved to completly different climate zone. Or that the effects of global warming are coming and soon Holland is gonna drown as a modern Atlantis.

Basicly the weekend is quite lazy, just like my existance in Holland. The issue with my expiring driving license I'm gonna have to leave till spring. Now it's the time of catching up with family, my two little bugs Olga and Natalia. And of course with my lovely Hanna :) On Monday I'm going back straight to arms of my longing man.  

Today morning my dad have built a big snowman in front of the house. Probably he did it to celebrate the Day of Grandfather ;)

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