sobota, 31 marca 2012

Problems with connection

Two days ago I came to Poland. For such a sweethearts like me and Maurice it's a long time, so we are starting to miss eachother. Therefore we're looking for opportunities to talk a bit. The easiest would be to use the phone, but!... It's not so simple. My both phones are pre-paid. Even more, I have barely any credit left on both as well. Not enought even to send a text abroad.

You would ask, why I'm not gonna recharge it than, right? That's why: I didn't take my bank calculator, so without it my card is quite useless when it comes to internet banking. I can not make a transfer nor even log in to my account. Therefore I can't recharge the credit on my phone. Especially, that popular in the whole Netherlands payment system via internet, IDEAL requires this damn calculator. So I'm stuck. 
Thank God tomorrow is April already, so new period starts and my phone will recharge the credit soon (I have a "mix" contract, so I can't spend more than basic amount on phone, unless I'm gonna recharge like a pre-paid). I hoped my old good polish number will help meanwhile, but I also used the whole limit. I tried to charge it from my polish bank account, but it's taking very long somehow... Is it the weekend laziness? Or did I type the wrong phone number and accidentaly recharged someone else's phone?... 

The whole difficulties with connection is reminding me of my first month in Holland. I had a huge problems with calling my mother-in-law or sending text messages. Many time they didn't go through. It did work only when I answered someone. And I couldn't understand what the hell is going on... after all I had the right numbers written down in my cell! After over a week Maurice decided to solve this misterious problem. He checked my phone carefully and said:
- The numbers are wrong in your phone!
- What are you talking about... You gave me them! And you are calling me from the same ones.
- Yeah, but you saved them without "0" at the beginning!
- "Does he think I'm an idiot?" - I thought - But you don't dial the beginning zero if you're calling from a cell phone to a cell phone.

And that was it. Sure, you don't dial the zero... but only in Poland! In the Netherlands indeed you do. Otherwise you're gonna have same problem as I had and you're not gonna be connected :)

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