środa, 28 marca 2012

Wild life

Don't get too excited... Dutch landscape and the living space for wild animals surrounded with highways is not very spectacular. It doesn't mean it's completly boring and not worth visiting though. Since the weather got very warm and sunny, we decided to go on Saturday to the National Park Hoge Veluwe close to Arnhem. 

It's the biggest national park in this country and covers 5500 hectares. Apparently it has quite varied landscape, but since we were visiting it on foot, we didn't get to anything else than forest and heatland. I have to admit, that the area of the heath impressed me. It must look wonderful by the end of summer-autumn when the flowers gets more colors and the whole place is changing into a huge violet spot. We'll have to come back there in the right season :) Especially that we haven't seen the Kröller-Müller Museum. I read they have a nice collection of Van Gogh's paintings. I can only explain myself with the fact, the park is way too big to see it all if you're hiking... Next time we're gonna use the bikes (you can rent them in park for free!).

We were welcomed by a very fluffy cow (scottish highlander) standing on a middle of the path. Luckly she was a very calm and well-mannered cow, so she moved on a side to let us go (and get some dry grass growing there). But that would be all of the dutch wild life we've spotted. We didn't see any of the dangerous beasts living in the windmill country. No deers, no rabbits, no squirrels ot muflons. That's the wildest you can get in Holland. Well, maybe sometimes a lynx or a boar. However we did hear birds singing all the time we were there. We've even seen few. 

Would be weird if we haven't done anything wrong. Maurice was climbing on any possible tree. We got off track to find a shortcut. Asyou know how it usualy goes with shortcuts... the effect was, we had to crawl under the fance... Call of nature.

After 2-3 hours of walking (hating all the cyclists passing us by) our feet refused to cooperate more. We found our car and went back home. I'm pretty sure, we'll be back.

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