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Neighbours from behind the border

Last Friday we went to visit our neighbours from behind the eastern border. Spring was in the air and that's somehow very inspiring to go out and try new things. Since Nijmegen is situated on the edge of Holland, there's barely 8 km to Germany. Fairly enough to check out for example Kleve. 

Extremaly boring landscape on the other side of the border
It's surprising how insecure we felt just after crossing the border. Somehow we both feel quite suspicious and scared of Germans. It's very possible that this feeling may be the effect of getting a fine every time we go to Germany... And unexpected expenses is the last thing we need right now. Also the landscape seem to be disturbingly different. Still flat but kinda more boring. And the cowshed's odor floating above the farmland.

Kleve is quite cute itself. Maybe it's not extraordinary beautiful or extremaly special, but it's very pleasant to walk around the center. There's a castle on a hill, old houses, quite a big cathedral (which by the way was also destroyed during the war. Luckly they've rebuild it). Thanks to the hills, the city looks really nice. Just a regular, small adorable city. I've noticed that Germans can administer their tourism much better than the Dutch. In Kleve every single old photography, a statue or an information board had description in three languages: german, english and dutch. Meanwhile in Nijmegen it's driving me crazy when I want to see some attractions, because you can not even expect to find here informations in any other language than dutch. I really think the city could work better on it if they want to attract any foreign tourists.

We finished our lovely evening in a greek restaurant. God, we stuffed ourselves extremaly, but it was soooo good. I don't know the sizes of Greek's (or German's) stomachs, but I can say for sure that the portions they gave us were clearly not for two persons (as according to menu). Maybe for three or even more. 

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