czwartek, 29 marca 2012

Peeping neighbor

We have a lovely neighbor, who is just looking for any occasion to check out our appartment, sneak aboud and control if something has changed there. With sunny warm days like lately, it seems impossible to pass his (or rather her) appartment without being noticed. I'd barely take the keys out of my bag standing in front of our door and she's immidiately right next to me. And demanding to let her in. We don't mind and host her very often. It's hard not to forgive her this nosiness. After all Miep is just a... cat.

And a very fluffy one. She also seems not to be the brightest cat if you watch her for a while. She's nothing but agressive warrior... the speed she catches her victims with (for exaple my calf) is rather a turtles pace than a cat rate. Also her incredibly soft and fluffy paws are covering any claws. Her tail is irreplaceable for cleaning the dust. I happily let her visit our bedroom from time to time. She just loves getting under the bed and removes all the dust from there :) Sometimes we're having a feeling, that Miep believes our appartment is her second possession. Her owner are often coming to us looking for a "missing" cat. Lately she was called "a stocker" since she was sitting all day in front of our house. She has a cute bell on her neck, so everyone can always find her easly. 

Miep is already waiting in front of the door
I tried to take a picture of her a thousand times, but she seems not to understand the idea of photography. She's sitting still cute and proud like a perfct model, but the moment I take my camera (or phone) she starts moving, crawling and sniffing this weird thing in my hands. We were thinking with Maurice of taking a cat when we finally move to our new hen house. We're a bit worried that since it's the top floor, the cat wouldn't have myna opportunities to go out. And we don't want it to become such an alienated creepy eccentric like Miep. 

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  1. Hey, Miep is not creepy!! She might indeed be a bit odd, but she adores you and will miss you very much coming week! Miep is cute! :)

    1. Of course she's not... she is quite weird though sometimes... I'm gonna miss her too :)


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