piątek, 16 marca 2012

Moody March

Everybody was already waiting for the weather like yesterday. Clear, blue sky, bright sun and 18C. Just like a dream. Not wondering too much, I just jumped on my bike and ride straight to the center. My goal was to have some nice coffee at one of the cafe's terraces and enjoy the sun.

Few friends happily joined me in this relaxing plan. The time was passing so pleasantly and since I wasn't rushing anywhere we've spent there almost half of a day. Now, I'd like to explain that for me day starts more less around 10 am, what my parents for example consider already as middle of a day. That's just a small explanation to give you the right idea of the passing time as I see it. On a day like that there's nothing better than a cool, refreshing... pink beer. If you can even call it a beer. It's light, raspberry flavored and slightly fizzy. Of course served in a 0,3 l bottles. Most of my friends from Poland would say it's a profanation. Normally I'd feel a bit ashamed, but not this time! I can not recall any more feminine drink. And on a day like this I just love to enjoy the little things that makes me happy. See, happiness is easy ;)

Apparently we were not the only, who had an idea of relaxing at the cafe's terraces. Before I even noticed all the tables were taken and along the whole Grote Markt you could hear the noise of happy conversations and laugh.

These terraces were prepared already a week ago and waiting for the first customers. However the weather was not very encouraging to sit outside. Not till yestarday. And today... I woke up in a beautiful warm sunlight. Unfortunatelly before I got myself out of the bed, the whole city got covered with a dense fog. What a shame! Cool wind, not sunbeams coming through. I did not expact that!

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