czwartek, 22 marca 2012

Expat girls

After four months of mostly sitting at home, finally my social life revived. The magic of Internet is simply connecting people. How did it start? Soon after I moved to the Neverland I found an interesting website, Its main idea is to gather local people in different groups and help them to meet in real life. Unfortunately the Nijmegen's expat group was inactive for few months, however I signed myself in, hoping it's gonna start its activity again very soon. I wasn't wrong. A few weeks ago they organized a meeting. Apparently many people were just waiting for that, because the attendance was really big. We also went there with Maurice, to check what is it actually this Meetup thing.

I think it was one of my best decisions since I came to Holland! We had such a nice time and met a lot of cool, interesting people from all over the world. Our table somehow focused a group, mainly of girls in more less my age. I immediately started liking all of them. They are great! By the end of the evening we decided, we should meet again next weekend. We exchanged our phone numbers and facebook profiles et voila! The coalition of expat girls.

All the expat girls together in a party mood
According to the plan we met again. A girl's night out including dinner, gossip, toasts, shots (we made a young bartender blush with these) and karaoke. I had an amazing time. The next day my voice got a bit throaty because of the singing. It was worth it. I suddenly realized how much I was missing this kind of evenings.

Thank you all my dear crazy chicks! Nijmegen would not be the same fun place without you anymore :)

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