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Visiting the goats

It's quite springish in Nijmegen lately. Nice weather, everythings is getting green and blooming, birds are singing. Everyone already forgot about the winter. Having this pleasant aura I decided to go to Goffert park. Big green meadows and tiny "forrest" in the middle of the city. And while I was already there, I thought I might visit a Kinderboerderij, which means a mini zoo. 

We already know that the Dutch love flowers and water (or at least in it's frozen state). Apparently they also like farmed animals very much. Just in Nijmegen I already know four places like that. And there might be more! I just didn't check yet. I never expected to find so much of a live stock in a city... I'd say more: I haven't found so many of them even in a village and I'd like to remind, that I grew up in one.

Mini zoo in the Goffert park is the biggest one in Nijmegen. You can walk through the paths between the paddocks and the animals won't pay any attention to you. They completly ignored me and my camera. Just kept chewing the grass. Even the deers, which normally are quite timid creatures didn't move a hoof while I was standing next to them. I'm guessing they got used to the screaming, overexcited children, so I must have been very boring for them. 

Only the goats seemed to be interested with my presence. The moment they saw me, they came closer to greet me. Probably they were hoping for some extra snack (as the goats usualy do). Sorry fellas... If not the signs "Please don't feed the animals" I'd give you some broccoli.  

The most surprising thing was, that the wildest creatures were running loose all over the place. And there were so many of them. I kept asking myself: who the hell did let all these children out?! Guess you could expect that... after all it's the children's farm (as Maurice calls it).

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