czwartek, 28 czerwca 2012

Bread for a good cause?...

I'm starting a weekend of a very intensive studies. The weather is (finally!) nice, so I can also enjoy the warmth at the balcony. I just decided to take a short break for coffee and went to the closest bakery for some cake :) Ahh, the Dutch bakaries... I love them!

No doubt, these were the first and favorite places for me to practise my ability of speaking this weird language. Why? Because the women working there are always nice, friendly and smiling. And also patient enough to listen to my struggles and watching how I'm improving. I'm getting enthusistic just thinking about visiting a bakary. What a wonderful place!

Not only they offer a wide range of all kind of bread, sweet buns mostly made of French pastry, tasty snacks, but also cakes, pies, cookies, donuts, tarts and gateaus. And all of it looks so... mouthwatering. Ok, ok... in Poland we also do have bakaries, where you can buy some sweet pastries and cakes, but here it's a real mix of a classic traditional bread bakary and an amazing patisserie. One more great thing: if you didn't have time in a morning to make yourself a sandwich or you just feel like having a healthy snack, most of the bakaries I know offer... delicious, freshly made broodjes. Something to drink? Why not! They also have it. 

I especially like two bakaries: the one above Bakker Bart, which is actually a chain of bakaries and against of what you can see on a picture, it's always freaking busy. But they have great broodjes :) The other one is just two streets away from our hen house and seems to be more traditional. Neverthless the range is still very wide. Bakkerij be Bie has one more thing I love about them. Since 1. April they are selling Sint Stevens brood, which is a delicious round bread with many different seeds and grain. The name is related to the St. Stevens church, bacause a part of the income goes for support a renovation of the church. I find this church as one of the city's symbols as it dominates the city's center. Surprisingly the City Hall did not allocate anything of the budget for renovation. This is how Nijmegen is taking care of their tourism? Shame!

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