czwartek, 21 czerwca 2012

Belgian getaway

Last weekend we've spent in same village in the south of the country. Maurice family form his father side is organizing this kind of weekends once a year. The book an old farm reconstructed into a holiday house for big groups and they spend there the whole weekend. Basicly it means loads of delicious food, lot of laugh, discussions (more or less serious) and during a day any kind of activities like strolls, cycling, feeding cows, goats and sheeps grazing in the meadows around, reading in this sweet quiet of the dutch countryside or playing cards.

And what did we do? We went for few hours to Antwerpen. The Belgian border was so close, that it took us only one hour to drive to this lovely city. Two of us, few cousins of Maurice, two cars and we're gone! I have to stress it was my first time in Belgium. And how did I like it? A lot! 

The Cathedral of Our Lady dominates the city. One of its towers is 123 meters high and is still the highest building in the whole Antwerpen. It's seriously impressive and it's hard to take a picture of the cathedral if you're standing on a square in front of it. But it's not the only atraction. The main square and old houses around are also very charming.

We were lucky enough to see a wedding procession in front of a church by a small square where we were sitting at the terrace. This wedding was perfectly in line with the surrounding scenery since the bride and the guests arrived in antique cars. Very retro. All people passing by were stopping and watching the whole event. Unfortunatelly I couldn't take a nice picture of the bride getting out of her car... the crowed was too big by that time already. 

After all that show we went for search of chocolate and waffels. It's hard to call it the search, since these little chocolate shops were standing one next to another all over the old town. The smell of fresh waffels was spreading in the air all the time. Somehow (still don't understand HOW) I didn't manage to get one. Next time!

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