środa, 6 czerwca 2012

I declare war

Come on, it can't be like that! You cannot attack a defenceless person with such a rain!... And already early in a morning?! I got completly soaked today twice and after I bought a new umbrella (a small one, that I can put in my bag, not the huge beast like Maurice once got)... it stped raining. How can you live like that?

Some could say I asked for it, if I went on a bike in such a rain, but I didn't have much choice. Skipping a lesson because of bad weather is a very lame excuse in a country where it rains for half of summer. Not even mentioning the other seasons. I tryied to protect myself in all possible way, but it didn't work. My jacket is just too short and half of my long sweater got wet, my leggins (I already learned a lesson on Monday, that jeans won't work with this weather... they dry too long). Only my hair stayed quite dry, cause I managed to hide them under a bonnet. Even my suede boots did not survive the water resistance test, though I thought that if you're cycling - meaning: your feet don't touch the ground and you won't step in a puddle, they won't soak. I was soooo wrong. At least half of my class had some entertainment when I walked the room already late and dripping water. 

It's not the first (and diffinitelynot the last) time I had to cycle in a rain. However, in some magical way, I managed to avoid this kind of rain within last seven months. If I was already caught by rain, it was on a way home, where I could change my cloths, dry and stay warm. But today unfortunately I didn't have this luxuary to visit my home during a day and my bag was already freakin' have from carring Dutch language books. No place for dry cloths. My patience was put on a test and it has reached an apogee. Enough! I declare war to the Dutch weather!

The moment I came back home, I opened my laptop to find a perfect raincoat. Somehow the plastic baggy "coats" do not convince me. Maybe they are practical and usefull, but here it rains so often. I don't wanna look like a trash bag on a wind for most of the year. I checked my favorite online shops, allegro (something like polish eBay, but I found nothing but disappointment) and nothing... Suddenly I got it. Zalando! Not only I've seen so many commercials lately in Holland, the delivery is even for free! And it comes within few days. And yes, I found it! My perfect long (till my knees) raincoat with huge hood. Now the rain can go to hell! ;)

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