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Cookie (or rather cupcake) monster

Last week was quite busy mostly with planning, baking and decorating. Few months ago I agreed to prepare pastries for a wedding of a Dutch couple.Back than I had no idea I'll be already busy in June and that this project is gonna cost me so much time and energy.

So, Ladies and Gentelmen, here're the reason of my last week absence (at least partial reason):

Quality of pictures is not ideal, but it's fault of my camera. It's not doing well with pics in a dark rooms. With the flash colors are weird and without flash it's blured... I tried as much as I could. Cupcakes are maybe also not as perfect as I'd wish, but I'm still very pleased with the result. Almost 50 cupcakes and mini wedding cake with a movie theme, just a the newlyweds wished.

How did it actually happen, that such a homemade amateur like me prapared wedding pastries? Well, it's because of Maurice ;) I like baking in general and usually I made too many cupcakes. I didn't want to feel guilty after eating half of them, so I was trying to give them to everyone around. Also made Maurice to take few to work. His collegues were quite pleased with this treats and after some time they started asking him: "When is your girlfriend gonna bake some cupcakes again?" At the same time one of his collegues was planning to get married and they wanted with his fiance to have some little sweet treats for their wedding. Cupcakes were perfect for that. Since Hans was quite enthusiastic about my pastries, they asked via Maurice if I could bake some for their wedding. Back than I had even too much time and it's a pleasure for me to make these little "pieces of art" so I agreed. We discussed the details, like taste, colors, decorations and I got this order.

This way on Friday I could proudly confirm the question picking up the phone: "Are you the baker?" Yuuuuup...

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