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Secrets of the Dutch speech: The most universal word

First step of my Dutch language course is almost finished. In a week I'm having an exam, though I'm not really stressed yet (Maurice is! ;)). Now it's time for some extra studying, so I thought I'll share my new knowledge with you guys.

A little riddle: What is the most common and most often used word in Dutch language?

Well my dear, you might be a slightly surprised... it's lekker. In any dictionary if you check, you'll find meaning of the word as "tasty". But lekker is something more than that. And it would be a bit weird to use it so often since the Dutch cuisine is... well, not that spectacular. Anyway, in Holland anything can be lekker.

  • food of course is lekker
  • weather (though it doesn't happen often) can be lekker
  • partying almost always is lekker
  • our jeans or dress can lay on as lekker
  • cycling, swimming or doing any other sport is most likely lekker
  • even more... cleaning, working, renovating house or some houseworks can be lekker as well (though this is rather sarcasm)
  • a buttocks may be the most lekker 
  • we can also go with something lekker
In general almost any activity can be "tasty". Same anything that we enjoy. In polish we also tend to say "delicious fun" sometimes, though it's a rather unique way to say it. In Holland it's the most obvious reaction. 

Now summarizing, if you want to give some possitive feedback in Dutch, feel free to use lekker. And if that doesn't work, than leuk ("cool") would do. 

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