środa, 13 czerwca 2012

Who am I supporting?...

At first I'd like to appologize for not writting for so long again. I was taken as a hostage and forced to sit on a sofa in front of TV, so they could torture me with the new well known method called Euro 2012. Yes, I'm not a football fan. I'd say even more, I don't like football.

I just used a break in a game and ran to hide in a bedroom after first part of the match Netherlands - Germany. Ohh... I can hear some enthusiastic roar coming from all around. I guess that Holland just scored a goal. Finally! Good... otherwise I don't know if I could survire the coming weeks with this drama and sorrow if (God forbid!) Oranje would fall out. 

Now, I'm not trying to offend anyone. If you're a football fan and you love this sport, than keep loving it, live long and prosper. Just don't start to convert us, unbelievers and let us exist in peace. I have to admit, that there's one really cool thing about the Euro. I can see my beloved Krakow almost all the time in a Dutch TV now. I expect an increase in polish incoming tourism of Dutch people, since they are very excited about the beauty of Gdańsk and Kraków especially.

And how do they celebrate the championship in Holland? In orange of course! Since over two weeks I can see houses decorated with flags, banners, strings, symbols and whatever else possible. It can be perfectly chaotic. The only rule with this decorations is: it has to be orange. I gotta say, even I got a bit crazy with this madness and bought myself an orange t-shirt for the Saturday's game. Could you believe how much can woman do to make her man happy? ;) But seriously, this t-shirt is a great investment. It's an mandatory part of waredrobe during most of Dutch national holidays, festivals etc.

Sorry for bad quality, but I took it from the car and with my phone...
If anyone would still have this ridiculous question in his/her mind: who am I supporting? Well, the answer is only one: MYSELF! ;P

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