piątek, 27 lipca 2012

Summer in the city

Summer season is here. The bakery is closed, cause they went on holiday. Same with the butcher. But I really got crazy when the jewelry shop, where I found gifts for the minor band also closed because of the summer holiday! Well... the windmill pendants will have to wait till the children get bigger (maybe that's even better).

The weather is finally really summerish. Clear blue sky, big bright sun and hot, so everyone who doesn't have to sit in more or less air-conditioned office, hides in the shade of the park or enjoys the sun laying on a sand. This is how the summer looks like in Nijmegen:

A beach on the other riverbank is a popular destination, and the bicycles are "parked" on 1/3 part of the bridge ;)
Everybody goes on holiday, so do we! In a minute we're leaving to Poland for two weeks. i'm basicly sitting a our suitcases and only one bag is still open, waiting for the laptop. So I wish you nice, sunny holidays and a lot of relax in the city/on the countryside/wherever you're spending your summer and see you in two weeks!

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