środa, 4 lipca 2012

Secrets of the Dutch speech: "we're feeling sooo good"

I gotta say that studying Dutch is quite fun. Not only it sounds weird (or funny sometimes), you kind a have a feeling like it's a mix of all different languages, mostly German and English with a bit of French or Spanish. At least for me. I've been studying all oth these before so now I'm looking for similarities. Once I even found a small conection with... Japanese ;)

I do have holiday now, but I still have to keep practising, so I won't forget too much during next 2,5 months. That's why I'll torture you a bit with my thoughts about the Dutch language. I started lately with lekker and today I'll continue with one of my favorite words, which is also quite popular anyway. And very pleasant. Or maybe I should say: cozy, cause this is what gezellig means.

Thinking about something cozy we propably imagine some soft pillows, few romantic candles, warm blanket, fireplace and a glas of red wine. Isn't it? Probably. But again, gezellig fits perfectly to way more situations. Laying on a grass and enjoying the sun... A dinner in a nice atmosphere with a family or friends... Gossips with a friend over a cup of coffee and a cake... One word - blissfully! Everytime when we feel sooooo freaking pleasant that we'd like to keep this moment for a bit longer, that gezellig is the word. And of course the house itself can be also very gezellig

Mmm... that feels nice... Now, I wish you all a very nice evening, while I'm getting ready for a dinner at my mother-in-law's. I'm sure it's gonna be very lekker and very gezellig. As always.

By the way: I passed the exam ;)

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