poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2012


The longest exam in my life was probably the exam ending high school. The one I had today was not much shorter and it was an exam ending only one level of my Dutch language course. Four hours of different tests focusing on reading, writting, listening and speaking. Results on Wednesday.

I gotta say I was studying for this one quite well all last week (what is a reason for my absence in blogs reality). I spent the weekend on repeating the materials from the book. How did it go... Well, I'm not gonna say much now, cause the polish tradition forces me not to say too good in case it would go worse. However the inner voice is whispering that I shall pass. Anyway, for me it means no more than: Since today I have holiday! (Unless I'd have to do some tests again on Friday. Hope not!)

Holiday... The weather is just as it should in summer. Sun is shining, warm, you just wanna go and lay at some beach. But! Let's not get too lazy. I'm planning to look for some job, at least for summer. Starting tomorrow. Today I'll first take some pleasant moments for taking care of my blog and reading yours :) Can't wait!

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