czwartek, 12 lipca 2012

Checking the neighborhood

After the moving I started exploring a new neighborhood. We didn't move far, but the area where we live now is changing a lot lately. Maurice grew up close from here and he says, that when he was a child, he wouldn't be happy to walk this street in the evening alone. But now... that's a completly different thing. New buildings with cute appartements, nice little houses made of red brick, new playground, two supermarkets and there's more shops, green areas and tarraces in plans. It's getting so cozy.

Few weeks ago I went with my mother-in-law for a coffee to a new eetcafe Villa Voorstad. They opened it just after we moved in and I wanted to check that place for a longer time already. From the outside it looks very gezellig. We were not disappointed. 

I got a small promotion: coffee plus cake for 4 euro. We installed ourselves on comfortable sofas and ordered our drinks with lemon cheesecake and cherry mon-chou. Delicious! We were looking around feeling very pleased with this place and watching the staff. Two nice blond girls and a bit younger boy seemed quite alike. Suddenly a blond woman came in making a cheerful turmoil, she cut a little chat with the staff and sat outside on a terrace. We started guessing if they are all related to eachother. And indeed they were (we asked while we were paying the bill)! The siblings were running a cozy little restaurant in a house where they have grew up. And the woman? Of course she was their mother. A nice exaple of a family business.  

Sitting there and enjoying my cake I started imagining how cool this place would be for working with a laptop. Still calm and quiet during a day, though not that far from the city center. Nice interior, glazed external walls, fresh flowers, interesting music in a background. Plus affordable prices, comfortable chairs and sofas and really friendly staff. They even didn't mind me prowling with my camera :) Man, I like this place! I can't wait going there for dinner with Maurice, though he's skipping this topic in any possible way ;) I know he's also gonna like it. There's only one downside of Villa Voorstad... a busy street, which makes that the terrace is less pleasent as you'd expect.

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