czwartek, 12 lipca 2012

Catching up

My dear readers... I feel a bit low. First studying and an exam, than chaotic catching up and what? I still feel like I'm a bit behind. And after a crazy weekend in amsterdam I didn't get any inspiration back. I have to do something with it... My creativity is clearly suffering. The only thing I'm doing well lately is being a housewife. And even that doesn't go perfectly. 

I do have things to write about, pictures are waiting in line to share them and still it doesn't want to work. My laptop is demotivating me a bit, since it's working very slow sometimes and keep freezing all the time. Well, hard to be surprised, I have it for quite long already. He could (or maybe even should) retire by now. By the way, does any of you also have this problem with Google Chrome, that it's freezing very often for few seconds? it's seriously driving me mad. Maybe I should listen to polish singer Kasia Klich and do what she sings about: "I'mgonna change yooooooouuuu for a better version"... I can't. I'm getting attached to things. 

Ok, did I interest anyone with my crazy weekend in Amsterdam? Yes - No? Shame. I'm gonna tell you anyway! We went with some friends to see Madonna's concert! Yeeaaah... the icone of the pop music did not dissappoint. Though I didn't know most of the songs (I assume they were from her new album), I had fun and the performance was great. Choreography, lights, scene that was changing it's shape all the time... Mixing burlesque with religious symbols (which should not surprise anyone, it's her trademark) and somewhere in a middle of all of that, a beautiful call "I'll smash you like an apple if you're not gonna tolerate the fact that I am different!". No words. 

After the concert we went crazy in a club with a great company. Just imagine... two polish girls, their dutch partners and a couple of gay :) Brilliant! We'd probably stay longer, but in some point they finally had to close the club. At least after all night dancing we didn't hesitate with Anna to take off our heels and walk bare feet around Amsterdam, looking for a taxi :)

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