środa, 18 lipca 2012

Marching crowd

Today less text, more photos. The final part of today's route of the Vierdaagse was running not far from your henhouse. I took my camera and went to watch the marching crowd. Someone may think "What's interesting in that, just some march..." and he/she would be very wrong. It's not just some march. It's the whole party! People set up tables and chairs on a sidewalks, someone put in front of his house huge speakers with loud funny music. The viewers were cheering the walking crowd like they were national heroes coming back from war. I was standing and taking picuters till I had no place left on my memory card and my batteries gone dead. And they were walking and walking... and you couldn't see where the whole march is ending ;) Check it out:

As you can see there was a lot of military and... pink. The soldiers were marching in more or less tight formations, different uniformed services (mostly police) were trying to keep up and the pinks were apparently having fun ;) Hard to believe they walked about 40 km today! They were clearly in good mood

And now anyone just try to tell me, that Vierdaagse is just a boring march! ;) on facebook you can find a short video of the march.

PS. I don't know what's the whole thing with this pink color, but as soon as I know, I'll write about it!

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