niedziela, 12 sierpnia 2012

We're back!

Did you miss? I did. A lot. Say what you want, even that I'm addicted, but two weeks without blogs is a big challange for me. But now I'm back again and ready to catch up.

Two weeks in Poland... It was fun. Rather different than a typical holiday trip when you're exploring the new, unknown land, but it was nice to spend few days in my hometown (homevillage?) and see my family. Even there were few a bit stresfull moments, like my father-in-law's visit in Poland and meeting my parents or baptism of my godson Peter, I feel quite rested and relaxed. Tired of the sun and a massive heat, we came back a bit looking forward to the rainy, cool Holland. And surprise: it's clear blue sky and heat again...

I gotta say, because of these temperatures we felt a bit like retired... no parties, lazy moving around the city, preferably not leaving the shade and panting for the heat. So what did we actually do? More less that:
  • despite the heat we went to see possibly the only desert in Europe (tho it's quickly disappearing) and... played like childeren swinging between the trees
  • pretending to be a knight and a princess on a castle in Ogrodzieniec
  • we've visited Paris... in Poland with a view for the Tatra mountains
  • hiding from the sun, I've read another two books of a polish traveller Beata Pawlikowska and a book written lately by an author of one of my favorite blogs 
  • leaving my parents house, half of our car was packed with my dowry ;) my mom went crazy with shopping! :)
  • Maurice took part in first in his life mass, watching Peter's baptism and he got interview after that by a prist in front of the church. Surprisingly the prist was speaking really good english, so there was no escape. Maus was mostly thrilled with the "christian karaoke" in a church
  • completly by an accident we discovered that we're in a polish newspaper (more about that in the next post) 
  • I proved again, I'm an excellant navigator, tho not without some doubts of my dear driver... Why do man have such a problem believing in women skills?
  • we also went crazy with the shopping and got a half-year supply of cloths. While fitting we got heavily depressed seeing what the cruel mirrors in the fitting rooms had to show... yuck! as a result we went back to the gym immidiately day after we got home
  • than Maurice got into even bigger depression, when he realised we left his favorite shirt in a hostel's closet. Even putting new cloths into our closet didn't cheer him up. Luckly I got good news from the hostel today morning... they found it and they'll send it back to us :)
  • despite our strong resolution of starting a diet (after holiday!) we were enjoying all the sinfull food and started wondering if it's possible to get your own mini Tandoori oven
  • and at the end we decided to find as amny as possible dwarfs in Wrocław (they are so cute!)

A small village with a great name: Paris ;)

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