poniedziałek, 20 sierpnia 2012

Wild beach with "bisons"

I've got enough of it! How long can it be... it was supposed to be a temperate climat, while it's been already a month, since the temperatures are rather tropical... Even our hen-house olive tree is expanding like crazy. If it's not gonna change, soon we're gonna have our own olives ;)

It was one of the hottest weekends in the Netherlands. To cool down our overheated minds we went to a beach. Nijmegen has quite a lot of smaller and bigger sandy beaches along the Waal river, so there's always a choice. We choosed with our friends a little one out of the city, but with a view for the center. Laying happily on a velvety smooth sand next to a totally dry... cow's crap. Well, quite rural surrounding, isn't it? After all it's hard to be surprised... on a meadow next to the beach there were furry, wild cows, chewing there grass in peace. It's indeed a wild beach ;)

Though at the beginning I was suspicious and a bit disgust with not very clear water, not getting deeper than my ankles, later I gave up with the heat and layed on a shore like a little whale, left the by the sea. The Waal river is quite busy even on a tropical Sunday, so there was a lot of boats and ships passing by, causing some waves. Luckly for us... we were very pleased with the water covering our whale bodies ;)

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