wtorek, 14 sierpnia 2012

Paparazzi attacking!

We're standing in a small engraving workshop. Our padlock with engraved "four legged creature" and a date of the day when we met will be ready soon. Meantime I'm just looking around: padlocks in different colors and sizes, name plates, funeral boards, a memorial bottle and glasses with engravings. Suddenly Maurice got clearly enthusistic: "Look! It's us!"

I follow his gaze and I notice a framed article from a newspaper hanging on a wall. Next to the text about couples in love and very popular padlocks made by an owner of this workshop, there are two pictures: the master at work and a couple hanging a padlock on Kładka Bernatka in Krakow. Holly crap, it is us indeed!

Almost 1,5 year ago we hanged our first lock in that place. Today when we came for find it, it was gone. it a place it was supposed to hang, there was a hole and some bars were broken. No padlocks in that spot. Someone with a broken heart decided to destroy the symbol of his/her big, tho already gone love and while removing it from the bridge, at the same time sending some other locks by an accident to the waters of Wisla river. Including our lock. We found it very unsatisfying and sad, so we decided to hang a new one. This is how we got to the closest workshop, looking at our own picture.

How did the picture got there? A coincidence. The moment we were hanging our lock 1,5 year ago, feshly in love, some woman caught with her proffesional camera. She came to us, to show the pic and offered to send it on my email if we want. Few days later I got a message from her with a picture. She appeared to be working for a polish newspaper and asked if she could use the picture in some article. I agreed, but never managed to find this article later. At least till that day, when we entred the little engraving workshop :)

our new padlock hanging on the bridge, hopefully this time in a bit safer spot
I found an online version of that article, but it's blocked and available only after payment. So there's no big use to put a link here. At least we have the pictures ;)

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