poniedziałek, 27 sierpnia 2012

The next level of integration

The hen-house is getting close to be finally arranged. Inspired by our succesfull shopping on Saturday, I decided to continue this activity today. I found online a nice shoe cabinet in a furniture store close to our place, so I jumped on my bike and went there immidiately after they opened. 

I'm walking around, searching and nothing. Can't find it. With my broken Dutch mixed with better English (ok, mostly in English) I asked the staff about my object of desire... they don't have it! This item you can order only online. Deep depresion. In a moderate desperation, to cheer myself I grabbed a small coffee table with two baskets as drawers and left this place as soon as possible (relax, I did pay!)

The only problem was, how to transport it to our place. I quickly packed the baskets into big bags hanging on both sides of the bicycle rack for better stability (stability of both baskets and the table) and fastened the rest with a chain to the saddle. Enormously pleased with my construction I cycled back home (making a bit detour, cause I got lost, though the store is only 5 minutes away from our hen-house) wondering how the hell would I pack that cabinet on my bicycle. Leaning against the table, with a plastic plant sticking out of my bag suddenly I felt so... dutch! In the first weeks after I moved to this country I saw a woman transporting on a bike a table. It seemed so shocking and funny at the same time. And now... I'm doing the same! Maybe much smaller furniture, but I'm also just a beginner. 

Dutch way of travelling :) Sorry for the quality but I had only my cell phone with me
Speaking of bicycles, one thing last weekend made me wonder. We were drinking some coffee with a friend at a terrace in a city and I was staring at a signboard in front of my saying "Fresh Belgian Chocolate". I didn't realised till my company followed my gaze, that the thing that was partially obscure few letters was... a bicycle hanging on a tree. And here's the question: am I such a huge chocoholic that even just a word "chocolate" is focusing my whole attention or am I already so used to the ubiquitous bicycles that I'm not  noticing anymore even these parked on the trees? ;)

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  1. U are doing perfectly well! I'm amaze by your courage :)

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