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Once more about the polish-dutch relations

My visit in Poland made me very lazy and somehow I've lost my inspiration. That's why I haven't written anything for the last week. But now I'm back and there's no place for laziness anymore! Especially that I'm finally starting my hard-won language course at the university tomorrow morning :)

Soon you can expect a new post with my experiences and thoughts about my freshly started education, but now I'd like to focus on polish-dutch relations. During my short visit in my homeland, everyone I met was asking me about Wilder's meldpunt and how Polish people are treated in Holland. Also, I've noticed that people are still finding my blog in Google while searching for informations about the whole case. That's why I'll try to answer this thirst for information. 

When I was watching polish news in TV I've noticed, that they don't say much about it and if they do, the informations they give are very selectively chosen. What I heard did seriously drive me mad. A popular polish satirist, Szymon Majewski (I really like him, but this time he didn't impress me much) was proudly talking about his action, that has overload servers of the website, where you can put complains on immigrants from Middle-East Europe. By the way, it seems like many people are forgetting that the website is aiming at the bigger group, not only the Poles. What the polish comedian's motion achieved (except making many people laugh of course) was crashing the website for two days and after that block the access to it from computers with polish internet adress. Later in an interview Majewski joked "I was only helping Wilders, as he asked people to send messages on his website". Well Mr. Szymon, indeed you did help him. Maybe you made a mess, overloaded servers and gave some extra work to their IT workers. However the truth is, that you cannot check the contents of the "denunciations" on the anti-immigration portal. At the end of the day Wilders gonna say: "We have already received x number of the messages and they are still coming", but he's not gonna mention what the messages actually say. So who's gonna win?

Apparently the whole action of Majewski was big in Dutch media, however I haven't heard a word. Maurice is mailing me all the news from Dutch media about the meldpunt all the time... maybe he overlooked this one somehow. Same as the Polish media did overlook the fact, that a PVV's MP Hero Brinkman, disgusted by the actions of his party and it's leader, has  officialy criticized the portal and... left the party! Because of that, the minority government of Mark Rutte suppored by the PVV, has lost the majority of the votes, exactly when they are about to make the decisions about new cuts in the budget. That's not the only thing, that might go not as Rutte expected. The Dutch parliment is putting a bigger pression on the prime minister, who still did not distance himself from the widely criticezed PVV's inicitive. Is he going to stand againt the parliment's will?...

In Holland they talk about it all the time, laudly. Everyone is criticizing, dissociating the embarrassing website. They feel ashamed. Enterpreneurs are cursing Wilders, saying that he's actions are damaging the Netherland's image and are bad for their business. The value of Polish-Dutch trade is about 9,6 billion euro a year according to some statistics. That's a good reason to be mad.

Personally I haven't see any of the symptoms of the alleged hate. It'd rather say the opposite. Since I came to Holland everyone was nothing but nice, helpful and friendly to me. They appologized me for Wilders. It's a shame that the polish media don't say a word about what the Dutch think about the meldpunt themselves. And I don't mean the politicians, but the normal, ordinary citizens like us. Maybe that would show to my countrymen, what is really happening here. Instead of that, they feed them with sensations like putting a car with polish numbers on fire in Noordwijk. In an article about that the Netherlands was presented almost like Syria. Don't get fooled! You're not gonna tell me now, that there are no crimes in Poland, right?

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