poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2012


In spring all the nature is coming to life. We also got a new member of the family! Two hours ago my nephew Peter was born. Yesterday we were joking with my sister-in-law, that if she wants to spend Easter at home, she needs to hurry. And today morning my mom told me, that Gosia's at the hospital. Congratulations to my brother and his wife! And welcome to this world little Peter ;)

If we're already talking about such a happy topic, I'd like to say few words about a cute custome I've seen in Holland. Just after I came there, I've noticed a funny decoration in window of one of the houses in our neighborhood. It was full of ballons, ribbons and letters telling us the name of a little boy. This is how parents showed the world, that the stork gave them a visit and left a little baby. The other time I've even seen the stork's ass and legs sticking out through the window. With wings widely spread on both sides. I guess the bird didn't have a soft landing if he drove in the glass like that ;)

Our neighbor's window :)
I find it a very nice custom. After all, I assume every parent wants to tell the world about their newly born child. I think, I'll go and make some stork as well to welcome my nephew!

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