piątek, 27 kwietnia 2012

With the agenda in my hand

I don't really know how did that happen, but out of nowhere, suddenly I became quite busy. Comparing to my long, lazy days from last few months, now it's so different. I have to keep writting down everything in my little agenda and carry it with me everywhere and always. It's a little bit like a stereotypical Dutch, who cannot imagine his day without an agenda. On one hand it's a bit funny, on anothr a bit sad... i do understand that, they love planning and make an appointments (one of my first lessons in school was about "How to make an appointment"), but than I can't get it when I hear stories of my friends. Sometimes they have to call at least one day before and agree for having a coffee together with people that live in the same neighborhood! For me that's a bit too much. Luckly I don't have this problem with my friends. Maybe it's a matter of the generation?...

How did it happen, that I can't find much time anymore for my Big-Fat-Laziness? First of all, the school. Though I have only 3 lessons a week for fewhours each, I still have to study quite some at home and do the homework. Than, I make some extra money by cleaning and baking from time to time... And of course I couldn't imagine not spending time working on this blog, keeping our hen house clean and meeting friends. And working out 3 times a week! It doesn't seem much, but all together takes enough time, so I finally feel like I have something to do. 

Our moving to the new hen house is also coming soon. We had to finally start really planning "what", "when" and "how much". We keep dreaming and shering ideas, how we want the flat to look like, checking what else do we need. On Monday morning we're going to Goffert park, where many Dutch people follow the Queen's Day tradition and sell their stuff they don't need/want anymore. We're hoping we can find some nice, interesting items for the balcony and decoration. The only problem is, that you have to get there really early if you wanna find the best stuff. Some of the people open their "stalls" at 6.00 am! For us it's way too early, but we'll go and check anyway. Ahh, my first celebration of the Koninginnedag! I'll later post my experiences and observations. 

At the end, a little comedy show about the dutch holidays, Koninginnedag and selling the crap from their houses. One more time on this blog: Mr. John Fealey:

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