czwartek, 19 kwietnia 2012

The ups and downs of the bicycle transportation

Again, it's gonna be about the bicycles. Couldn't be different in a counrty,when this way of transportation is so popular among all the citizens no matter there age. Even the prime minister here is going to work by bike. Everyone has a bicycle and so do I. And I have to admit, I really enjoy moving this way around the city. All there bicycle lanes, highways and parking places for bikes are literally everywhere... My enthusiasm is getting lower only when it's cold or raining (which I think anyone could find understandable).

Let's go back to the parking places. it's sounds a bit funny when you're talking about bikes. Well, they are everywhere. Usually black (or gray) metal construction holding the front wheel of your vehicle with a "knot" a bit higher, so you can (and even should) lock your bike with a chain. The best is a very big, thick chain with a huge padlock and electric shocker ;) just in case... After all we don't want anyone to borrow our precious bicycle without permission.

An ordinary bicycle "parking" in a city center. One of the smallest.
Securing your bike is one thing. Finding it back after few hours is a second thing. But unlocking it and pulling out of the "parking spot" is another thing! You find it funny/weird/exaggerating? For me it's just everyday life. You would think: "If she has parked her bike herself, locked it well, than how come can she has any problems finding it barely after 2-3 hours?" With this number of bicycles, while all of them look alike (as you can see on the picture above) it's actually easier than it might seem. I finally understand the owners of the bikes painted with bright colors, with flowers on a handlebars and all weird decorations. Now I know what where they thinking when they did that. They wanted to find their bike fast and easily. I happened to me already few times that I was walking there and back along the bike stand, trying to figure out where have I left it. Or find out with fury that my precious is not anymore in the place I left it. And than after few minutes thinking and looking around realizing that it is still there... it's just me standing in a wrong aisle at the parking.

Ok... so we've found our bike.  Now, how to get it back? We're unlocking the chain, unblocking the wheels, pull and... nothing. The bike is standing still. Right... the handlebars got stuck between the handbreaks of another bike. Almost like the deers during the rut. There's not much space there, so the operation "unblocking on the left witout blocking yourself on the right at the same time" needs logistic skills. We did it! but the bike in not moving still. Of course... the pedal of the other bike got between the spokes of our bike. Another difficult process of jerking it out. Finally after few more minutes we pulled the bike out. Meantime people passing u by were watching, how you're struggling with the bike, probably wondering if you're trying to steal it or not. Whatever, our single-track wheeler is free and ready to go :) Till the next stop, where the situations is gonna start all over again. 

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