środa, 15 lutego 2012

Complain about the Polish people... or whoever

As probably everyone already heard, last week came into existance a website where anyone can anonymously submit a denunciation of immigrants from Middle-East Europe. It was an initiative of a dutch politician Geert Wilders. I guess I don't have to explain, this is mainly directed against the Poles, which form a large group providing cheap labor in Holland. Media went crazy. Furious opinions and criticism started reaching out from all the sides. The case was strongly disapproved by the European Parliament, most dutch political parties, ambassadors of ten Middle-East European countries and basicly every important and significant person in the Netherlands.

On the Internet, as a response to the offensive portal, a humorous websites started poping up like mushrooms. On these websites people invite to submit "complaints" to different groups. Here are some of these:
In media they are talking about it all the time. Wilders when asked, answered that he never expected such a publicity... yeah right. There's nothing that hides that this portal was just another propaganda action to attract more of not the smartest Dutch people, after his xenophobic party started losing its followers lately. This politician is famous for his discriminatory statements. Not that long time ago he was fighting a war against the Muslims in Holland. Apparently that topic is already out-of-date, because now it's Polish immigrants turn. Clearly Geert Wilders knows exactly how to adjust his discriminating actions to the politically important minorities. First it was integration of the Muslims in the Netherlands, now it's the European integration.

Everyone is wondering, if the public opinion and international environment are so disgusted with this initiative, then why the Dutch government is doing nothing about it? Why the prime minister Mark Rutte didn't give any official disapproving statement about the PVV's idea nor insist on shutting down the website? Well, he's afraid of losing his position. His party the VVD and the catholic CDA party form the minirity government. To get to majority the PVV (which doen't have any seats in the government) is supporting them. Because of the economical crisis Rutte has to do some extra cuts in the budget, but without the PVV's votes he can't push HIS ideas through in the parliament. That's simply politics...

To be honest, I don't envy the prime minister. Whatever he's gonna do, it's gonna turn out bad. If he'll criticize the Wilders's initiative, he's risking the cabinet crisis. If he won't react finally to the portal, he's gonna be eaten alive by the public opinion and the European Commission, which means he's risking the image of the Netherlands and the economical interests of the country. 

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