czwartek, 23 lutego 2012

Crocus Holiday

A flower is a symbol of Holland for most of people I guess. Especially the tulips. Dutch people have this kind of passion for bulb flowers, that makes them organize a holiday to celebrate the first blooming plants after the "long and cold" winter.

In my last post I mentioned about the carnival, a festival of the catholics in south of the country. More less at the same time the whole Neherlands is celebrating the cute Krokusvakantie. Not only the Netherlands actually. The Holiday is also known in Belgium and some parts of Germany. By the end of February the little crocuses start poping up from the ground, creating a lovely yellow-violet spots on the grass. For the Dutch it's a perfect reason to... close the schools for a week and take a few days off! I do understand the happiness of coming spring, but really?...

The weather lately was indeed very pleasant and warm. The view of the crosuses growing along the street made me smile. I even jumped off my bike to take a picture of these cute little flowers. I guess it means, the spring is coming soon :)

PS. Chocolate eggs are already available in the supermarkets for about two weeks ;)

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