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Shopping in the supermarket

When I was visiting Maurice in Holland for the first time, a friend asked me if I have already been to the Albert Heijn... I didn't exactly understand her excitement about just a simple supermarket, so she explained me that in the Netherlands everyone is doing his groceries in the Albert Heijn. I thought, she might be exaggerating a bit, but now I know, she was actually telling the truth. 

What is exactly this supermarket chain, that all the Dutch people love it so much (and now also I do)? Few months ago I read that they are planning to expand and open 10 supermarkets in Belgium... Watch out Belgium... AH is coming! I gotta admit, I really like this store. I do my grocery shopping over there, but mostly because it's just across the street from our appartment. If it would be any other chain, I wouldn't be going far just to get to AH. Maybe once a week with Mausje taking the car. Ok, to be perfectly honest, there is also another supermarket next to our place, ALDI. I even went there yesterday to check what they have. My dear God, it's the dutch version of our Biedronka (a very cheap, crappy supermarket in Poland)! With the same kind of chaos between the shelves... I swear, I have been there for about 10 minutes, walking there and back and I simply couldn't find a bag of sugar! Finally I gave up, went out and bought all I needed in AH next door. 

I remember, once I accidentally took with my a bag from the competitive store, Coop. I felt like some kind of spy... When I was packing my groceries, I was trying to keep the bag under the counter and than leave as soon as possible and not spotted. I know it's ridiculous, but I didn't want to affront the Albert Heijn. Not when we are finally getting along after not the best beginnings. 

I guess it's the self-brand products that attract so many people... I promise, "cooking" in Holland could never been easier. They have these brilliant already prepared dishes and ingredients and the best part is... they are really fresh. Everyday new packages with freshly pre-cut veggies. In Poland I tried to avoid this kind of meals, unless I was really tired/ lazy. They didn't look healthy, fresh nor even tasty. But here, it's different. Everything is so crunchy and juicy. If you'd come by the end of the dya, you may actually find some of the shelves empty. 

At the end, I'd like to recommend you a funny video with the sketch of an english comedian John Feasley talking about the phenomenon of this supermarket :) English with dutch subs.

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