niedziela, 26 lutego 2012

We're having fun

I haven't been partying for already quite a long time. Since I moved out from Krakow, my night life became very lazy and slow. Eventually it turned into indoor home life style. To be honest I don't regret much and I'm quite pleased with ending the party animal period in my life. However it's good to go out from time to time.

This weekend we were socializing on a level of an avarage twenty-few-year-old. Maurice would say we are more 30 than 20, but this vision doesn't feel right to me. That would sound so old ;P Anyway we rocked the town with some friends and it was brilliant. I even won some cash on the fruit machines, yeeey! Guess it was just a luck of the beginner and I'm pretty sure that gambling is not my thing. Any remarks about partying in Holland?
  • you can smoke only outside (same as in Poland) and it's not worth to try it in a bar. One of our friend was simply asked to leave and escorted to the door by the staff, who noticed his inglorious act. 
  • they serve beer in 0,3 l glasses everywhere (for an avarage Polish person it means "a small beer"). The only exception was the Irish Pub, but that seems obvious. I'm actually quite pleased with that, since I'm rather drinking slow and normally befor I'd get to half of the glass my beverage would already be out of bubbles, evaporate or get warm from my hands. 
  • Dutch people mastered the art of riding a bicycle also when they're drunk. My survival instinct told me to have some doubts about it, so we had a critical discussion. After all we made it home. Safe.
After the whole Saturday spent in bed (what can I say... hangover is a bitch) in the evening we finally left our hen house again. A music band of our friend was playing in Arnhem, so it was a perfect opportunity to keep socializing. We didn't know exactly what kind of music are they playing. The band is called Avtovaz and they subscribe their music as a "Siberian Spacerock". Quite intriguing. It appeared to be exactly what I needed and what I missed a bit. During their performance in the background there were black and white videos showing scenes from the 50s - 70s. You can check an example of their music below :)

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