wtorek, 25 września 2012

It's not too bad

After the first week of school I got a bit relaxed. The level is indeed very high and it means a lot of studying for me, but (!) at least I don't feel during the lessons like an idiot. You can have an impression, that everyone is speaking quite decent Dutch and they have much bigger vocabulary than me. Ok, that is definitely true. On a way it's good for me, since speaking and listening test was the hardest for me in july during my exam. I just have to focus on learning new words and work hard. However I feel quite confident in school. Where does it come from? The grammar. After these few lessons I already noticed I have way less problems with grammar, that the others. Probably it's an effect of taking the beginners course before, which most of our class didn't have. The started already with the higher level. The things that the teachers were explaining on a lesson, we did very carefully before the summer. That's my reason to be proud.

Of course it doesn't mean I can or am going to be lazy now. Definitely not! The next few months I'm gonna be improving my Dutch and learning to new words intensively. And you my dear readers are gonna be treated to my new language discoveries! Are you happy already?

Till the end of this week we're planning to finish our hen-house study room, so I'd have a perfect, quiet place to study and maybe write as well. The cosmetic changes of our appartement got lately the higher priority, since next week we are expecting a Very Important Guests. I already cannot wait and make the whole plan in my head of what i'm gonna show them and where I'm gonna take them. And how to make their stay the most possibly comfortable. 

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