wtorek, 4 września 2012

A little source of happiness

Few days ago we were celebrating the Blog Day. Unfortunately I was quite busy that day and I didin't have time even to check the blog. I did think a lot during a weekend about the idea of having this online diary and... I did convince myself about what I already knew. It's a great thing!

Since I was a child I loved to write. I have a whole big pile of notebooks, pocketbooks and diaries hidden in a closet at my parent's house. I've been writing these for 15 years and through all these years I've been watching myself, how I'm changing. My life, my way of thinking and seeing the world, my views and my writing style. Now I have this blog and because of it my traditional diary is suffering from lack of my attention.

Blog is a great invention. It seems especially beneficial for us, expats. Not only we can update our families and friends about how we're doing in a simple way, it's also opening the whole new world in front of us. Behind every single nickname there's a real live person, located somewhere on this planet. By reading about someone's thoughts, experiences, fears, worries and happiness you can find this very specific connection. There's something that puts you all closer together, you made life decisions that ended up in you experiencing similar things now and than. In moments of weakness they're giving a lot of comfort and strength. If not blog, probably I would never meet (even if virtually) all these amazing and inspiring people.

That's why, right now I'd like to thank you all: all of my readers - the anonymous ones and the ones I know well now, the new ones and the ones that keeps visiting our Neverland. Thank You, all my dear bloggers! You are all important to me and you're giving me a lot of happiness everytime I check the blogs :) 

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