piątek, 7 września 2012


I'm one of these people, who keep looking for little things, that makes you feel happy in everyday life. I need to be constantly inspired to keep going right. An extraordinary picture, an interesting book, new place, remarkable interior, a germinating little plant, a delicious chocolate, sleepy Maurice's smile, good music... Anything. As long as it's there and starts this little spark. Without the spark I feel stagnation, the world is loosing its colors and I simply cannot write.

Lately there were few of these sparks and I was happily collecting them. Today I reached a climax, when my mother-in-law took me (or I took her, it's actually hard to decide who is take who out ;)) to one of her favorite cafe's. It was such a feast for the senses and faith in people. I got so fascinated about this place I decided to come back soon with a camera and make a whole post about this cafe. Today I'll give you just a hint of how nice it is.

Hmm, the picture is somehow bit dark and doesn't show the real cosiness, but it's again the fault of my cell phone  :(
The earlier sunsets and cool mornings are reminding me about coming autumn. How wonderful, since it's my favorite season! I love it when the days are still warm and sunny, but the temperatures are not that tiring anymore, so you can actually feel good and comfortable in a normal clothes (by normal I mean the ones that are not uncovering all your limbs and any part of your body, you're not ashamed of. At the same time!) I adore sweaters, scarfs and boots, so the end of summer in September is exactly what I'm dreaming about after the hot holiday period. And since the autumn days are getting closer I made some little changes at our balcony and in place of withered cornflowers I put some cute tufts of heather. 

In kitchen the little tomatos are getting red. The tomatos that Maurice brought home a week ago... That's right, you read it correct: a guy went to a shop himsefl after work and bought of his own free will a green bush as a nice, practical decoration. I was shocked for a longer moment, cause that's not something I would expect from him. Maybe he was actually listening to my expressed delight over singularity of very common vegetables and spices... Speaking of that I recommend you a book, that's gonna change you view of a simple potato, sugar, olive oil or an onion... "A taste of history" by Bryan Bruce is full of surprising, interesting facts about our dialy food products.

Well, last few posts were quite personal. I just had to say laud some of the things. Soon I'll present you a new serie, which is gonna take you on a gastronomy trip through Holland. And meantime I wish you a nice weekend, especially that tomorrow there's a Dreamer Day and a Good New's Day! I hope these good news are not gonna stay only dreams ;)

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