poniedziałek, 17 września 2012

Back to school

I woke up early morning, still a bit sleepy but at the same time excited I ran to the bathroom. I washed myself quickly, ate a yummy breakfast made specially for me and dressed well ironed cloths, which I prepared the day before. I packed new, still empty notebooks, colorful pens, pencils, rubber and lunch in my backpack and went to school. It was September again and I was just starting another semester. That was about 15 years ago. Do you still remember this excitement while collecting need books, notebooks and all these cool tools? God, what an emotions! 

That was than. And how about now? Today my lessons startd again, so I got up earlier that normally, made some sandwiches for Maurice and cereals for myself. That's my new resolution: on the school days I'll be getting up same time as Maus (he wakes me up anyway, so what's the difference) and preparing breakfast for both of us. This way he's gonna save time and me... I'm gonna be ready on time. No rush, no being late, no empty stomach.

I didn't have any pencil-case today (the colorful pens were still in a bag though!), the notebook was a "used" one already... Only the books I got at school were new. And the class was new. Except the two friends from the previous course, all the rest was new. New faces, new names, new countries... mosty Middle-East countries. And of course new challanges! I gotta say, I got quite stressed after the first lesson. The level is of course higher this time and you can deffiniately notice that. Everyone is already speaking quite a reasonable Dutch. And me... well, after the holiday break I feel I'm suddenly a bit behind! And I clearly don't like it. I already know, I'm gonna have to work harder and study more this time. Not to waste more time, I wish you all a good start of the new week and I'm going back to do my homework!

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