środa, 30 maja 2012

The white gold

Since yesterday we have finally gas installed, so we can cook again. I was waiting for this moment for two weeks. Not for cooking in general, but for possibility of preparing my recent foodie enchantment. The white asparagus. 

It's just a high season for these veggies in Holland and they are extremely popular here. Dutch people love them so much, they call them white gold and consider as a queen of all vegetables. I also fall in love with them since Maurice has prepared them for me a year ago. Of course he served asparagus in a traditional dutch way: with a slice of ham, boiled egg, melted butter and sprinkled with nutmeg. 

If they are cooked well, they are literally melting in your mouth. The wonderful, delicate taste... Maurice describes it as: "An angels peeing on your tongue". However weird it sounds, surprising, it's very accurate. Plus they are really low caloric and super healthy. I could it it everyday, especially that the season lasts only since end of April till late June. After that, you can't get them.

Peeled asparagus, ready to be boiled

My brave asperges-master 
During last month you could see people selling asparagus on every single market and supermarket. Some restaurants had a special seasonal menu with this deliciousness. Next to the road out of the cities, there was a lot of signs and arrows leading to the farms where they were selling asperges. Maurice had to negotiate with me all the time, cause I wanted to stop by every farmer we passed :)

I did a small reseach in the Internet and I got a bit surprised (or amused) with the fact, that most of the sources says, the most popular way of serving white asparagus is with potatos and Hollandais sauce. Why do I find it amusing? Because in Holland nobody eat them this way! Not with the sauce. And you would think, that the name commits ;) Here the typical way is to eat asparagus the way I mentioned before. As a proof I have a cook book with traditional Dutch cuisine and it says the same way. Even more... When the season started, in Albert Heijn they made a special promotional shelves with all the ingredients I named and asparagus took the place of honor. 

Come to mommy my delicious!

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