piątek, 4 maja 2012

How to make a random child happy in few minutes

The answer is wonderfully simple. And no, I don't mean clicking on some banners, sending text messages nor joining charity. Making happy in this point is on a different level. All you need to do, is to go to the closest Albert Heijn. Again, I'm not talking about buying products, that give part of their income for to good case. I'm not saying it's bad, it's actually very good exaple to follow. However today I'll be writting about bringing the instant and direct happiness. How does it work?

It's so simple: you go to the shop. You buy what you need in this moment, cause the fridge is getting empty or you're gonna prepare it for dinner, or just because-you-want-it. That's the best reason. Next, you stand in a line, pay for your food and take your stuff home. The lady by the counter is gonna ask you just before you leave if you want "mini". You respond, that sure, you do. You're heading the exit with your groceries and tiny thing packed into green plastic bag. You don't even see them yet, but you already hear the chorus of the innocent voices asking "Heb je een mini, vrouw?"(Do you have a mini, miss?). You throw the little object into the enthusiastic crowd that reaches to your waist and with this gesture you make it possible for yourself to go through. The children split as the Red Sea in front of Moses. And they are sooooo happy after unpacking the green plastic bag. So children are happy, you have your groceries and go back home feeling you did something nice to someone else. It doesn't cost you a thing and there are ALWAYS some children in front of the supermarket. 

Now quick explanation. Albert Heijn is celebrating its 125 years of existance. That's why they started a new "entertainment" action. They have this kind of actions almost all the time and one is more grotesque than another, for example hamster bingo. Now, with every 15 euro spent, you get a "mini". Some products give you extra "minis". Basicly it's a tiny plastic version of one of the 52 most popular products that Albert Heijn offers. For instance: tiny can of coke, mini package of hagelslag, plastic apple, banana or mini Nivea cream. That's not all... in a supermarket you can buy a toy cash register, counter, shelves and the whole toy shop equipment. While you already have your own shop, you can trade with mini products with your mom, dad, siblings or other children. They even have fake plastic money. 

I actually started thinking, that maybe I should start collecting these minis and become "a aunt of a year". After all, playing the shop with grandparents is lately one of the favorite games of Nathalie :)

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