czwartek, 24 maja 2012

Sunny days arrived

I'm back! I'm really sorry for such a long break and not informing about our improvments with the moving, but since Saturday till today I had no Internet at all. And I was quite busy with making our hen house look like it was ment to be. We finally almost (!) finished. I promise the photostory and the details are gonna appear here before the weekend.

It was a tough job with the moving and the damn walls. However now, looking at it I feel so proud of our place and effect of our work. Meantime the summer came to Neverland. Another reason to be happy, isn't it? The only problem is, that our balcony is on the south and during a day I just can't stand  being there. It's way to hot and stuffy. Like in Africa! Hehe, look at me all whining... when it was raining I didn't like it, now it's sun and I'm still complaining? What a woman! ;) Luckly the evenings are long and very warm (the sun goes down around 10 pm, so it's enough time to relax). 

I love this forecast!
People are trying to catch the sun and occupy the parks in mass. Today I've even see from a train some people swimming in a Waal river. I did envy them a bit of this cool, wet refreshment, so on my way back home I bought a box of fruity sorbet ice-cream. Hell yeah, why not! We have the fridge with a freezer since yesterday, so I can finally store these cold treats. 

Now time go do some homework and catch up with befriended blogs. I wonder what was happening during this week... ;)

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