piątek, 11 maja 2012

Greetings from Under-An-Umbrella

It's gonna be about the weather. And I'm gonna be complaining. What, I can! Especially that it drived me mad, when I see the weather forcast and 28 degrees in Poland, while here it's pathetic 16 degrees. Where's the spring, I'm asking? If not counting these two weeks before Easter plus Queensday, there's nothing to be happy about. It's a bit depressing, cause I heard that the summer in Holland is even worse and more rainy than the spring.

For the whole last month of my school I was so lucky to have a nice (or at least dry) weather in the mornings. But it couldn't last forever, otherwise it wouldn't be the dutch way :P Today, exactly in a middle of road to the university I was caught by rain. And since my jacket does not have a hood, by the time I reached the school, my mascara was gone. At least it was not on my eyelashes anymore. I had to fixmyself quickly,removing the black dots from my eyelid and I was happy I don't use much make-up. in this country it's useless. Doing the make-up and your hair is a complet waist of time. At least when your cycling. It's a bit comforting to see, I wasnot the only one who got wet. And of course it wasn't for the first time in genral. 

I wanted the Netherlands, so now I have. And I have to admit, that the weather here is very mean. I can get used to idea, that it's raining a lot, but why does it has to be so surprising? How many times did it start to rain just before my train arrived to the station I leave? Another thing, if I already know that I'm gonna get wet, let it rain for good and not stop just before I'd reach my destination/ house. Once I decided to wait. I was waiting, waiting and it didn't look like it's about to stop at all. So I jumped at my bike, got vet within few seconds and... it stoped before I rode 300 meters. Yesterday when we wanted to go to the gym with maurice, of course it started to rain. And stoped 2 minutes after we got there. That's just pure mean. 

To make the whole set with the rain, we also have a wind. It blows almost always. More or less but it blows. And always in the opposite direction that you're moving. Going th school, I went against the wind. On a way back (going the other directions) I was still against the wind. The fact that between these two trips was a 4-hour break doesn't matter. Even if it would be 15 minutes, the rule would still be the same. Against the wind. One of the characteristics of the dutch wind. Especially annoying when up the hill ;) 

Well... that was my complain. Now I feel better. So all of you people in Poland, enjoy your sunny may weather, cause it's gonna end soon. The cold air from above the Netherlands is coming! :D 

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