wtorek, 15 maja 2012

Gluing the walls

Got it! We finally have the keys to the new hen house! We got them yesterday. Unfortunately there were also few unpleasant surprises waiting for us.

Basicly we've spent last few weeks on brain storm and planning the whole moviwng. We had a perfect plan! The apartment was supposed to be finished within the week, the furniture and kitchen equipment delivered and installed, so on the Sunday afternoon we'd be sitting on our big sofa in a soft light of the sunset, drinking delicious wine and celebrating The New Beginning. But it's not gonna happen. Our plan crumbled like a house of cards!

First of all, it appeared that some of the walls are made of different materials and we shouldn't just paint it, cause they can start cracking and it's not gonna look aesthetic. To be honest, I've noticed that some are already cracking a bit under the ceiling. Now, first we have to put some kind of glass fiber wallpaper and than we can paint. It's driving us mad, because:

  • we had to go back to the shop and return the background paint, we already bought
  • buy these damn rolls of wallpaper and a glue, which means raising costs
  • time of preparing the walls is gonna be longer now, because of that
The set of a young hanger-painter ;)
Meanwhile we had to contact with the store, where we bought the kitchen stuff and TV and exchange an overlap we ordered, because - guess what - we need a different one! The whole apartment has a good ventilation system and we cannot have an overlap with an engine inside (or whatever it is that overlaps can have). All we need is an "airsucker". 

The last news was an icing on our cake of dissaster. The really cherry on a top. The guy that was supposed to put our floor forgot to write down the date we agreed for and... made an appointment with someone else on that day! Kill me now, but how can this be even possible? Now we have to change the whole plan and reschedule all. 

We didn't want to waste more time, so we started works and primed the walls for the wallpaper. We had completly no clue what we are doing, so we were just following the instructions they gave us in a building market. Like children in a fogg we were "painting" the walls with a glue mixed with water. Looking at eachother from time to time with a question: "You think we're doing it right?" 

The view from a window with a nice dutch accent on a background
After all it's not gonna be that bad. The floor is gonna come after the weekend, kitchen will be delievered around Tuesday. At least we don't have to rush with the walls and do it carefully and well, so they'll be nice and smooth. It means we're gonna have to live for few days with no floor and sleep on a mattress put on foil. We're gonna have to be "cooking" with the microwave and grill-toster. No TV, no Internet. But at least in our own hen house! :)

I love the red brick of our building!

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