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As I promised, here it is: our little photostory about moving and the whole works with finishing the appartment. I don't have any pics from transporting the furniture, cause I've been sent in that morning to do the shoe-shopping (probably so I won't disturb them) and when I came back I was handed one of earlier prepred by myself big boxes and forced to work. Thanks to this logistic solution with packing, everything went quite smooth and easy (also thanks to Jonas's help). But let's go a bit earlier to when the whole "moving" action started.

I already mentiond in my previous post, that Portaal (a company providing social houses) has completly ruind our plan, forcing us to put the fiber glass wallpaper before we could start painting. This damn paper was not cooperating with us and the whole process was the most annoying, frustrating and difficult part, though we had our friends to help. In some point we manufactured our work and two poeple (including me) were cutting the right pieces of paper, someone else was putting glue on the wall and the other one was helping to put the paper and smooth it. Perfect team work....

If we'd have a contest "Who's the best in putting the wallpaper", a team made by me and Rogier would definitelly loose. Somehow we didn't manage to do it well and others had to fix our mistakes :D That's why they sent us to do some smaller jobs or put in different teams. Well... nobody's perfect.

We were hoping that the painting is gonna go faster... After all, we bought already pre-painted paper and both producer and the stuff in a building market told us, that one layer should be enough. Well, it wasn't. I'm not gonna believe in any of these commertials, where the couples are removating the house and painting walls so smoothly, happily and not don't within one hour! Never more... reality doesn't look like that (unless you have God knows how much time and money to waste). Somehow the guy selling us paint counted half smaller surface of our wall than me, though he had same data as me. Because of that we ended up visiting the store everyday. And we still had to paint it twice to get satisfing results. Some of the places even three times! Mistakes happens. And Maurice was spotting all of them like Sherlock Holmes! Each little line, tiny bubble unsed the wallpaper, each spot of paint not covering the wall evenly. i was trying to explain him, he's not gonna see it in the appartment filled with furniture and none of our visitors is not gonna be studying our wall with such a passion. It didn't work and he was getting a bit paranoid. Luckly, after putting the last layer of paint, the final effect was very good :)

In a weekend we said goodbye to our previous place and peeping Miep (which is also moving by the way and now the excentric cat is gonna have the garden to play since it's owners have bought a house... we are only worried about her first meeting with the cat society cause till now, she has never met any other cats). We took all our stuff and could finally spend the first night in our new hen house. With Maurice's mom's camping fridge in a corner, microwave and a mattress in a middle of the living room on big piece of foil, cause we didn't have floor yet. No furniture, Internet, but at least in our own place.

Our first night in the hen house
Very stylish combination, don't you think? ;)
Later it was already way easier. On Tuesday they came and put the floor... and a miracle happened: our appartment really started looking like a nice, cosy place where people live and not like a campsite in the middle of a construction works area! I started bringing boxes from the basement and unpacking. In Wednesday our kitchen equipment and TV was delivered and we decided to bring first parts of sofa from his mom. One piece per day. Now we have a half of the sofa :) There's still a lot of things missing, cause we didn't have time yet to build it (big closet from Ikea) or install it, but tomorrow we're planning another trip to Ikea and complet our huisje
Our suitcases still function as our closet ;)
Today the weather was very nice, so I bought a bag of soil, prepared my pots and organized the Big Sowing! Of course I had no clue what I was doing and started regreting I never payed enough attention to my mom's gardening hobby. I was fighting with the soil and Maurice was assisting with instalation of TV and Internet.

Now we can finally live here quite normally and really enjoy our space, sun and healthy dinners on a balcony. Portaal somehow did not install gas tap, so we still can't cook. Only fresh salads and meat from mini grill-toster :) With this weather feels quite medditerranean. 

So I finally can keep bloging again while Maurice enjoys his new precious TV  ;)

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