czwartek, 1 grudnia 2011

The winter aura

December has come. And with December came also big preparations for the Christmas. Everyone is waiting for sales, thinking about the gifts, shops are filled with christmas ornaments. Among tinsels and fairy lights on the streets of the city center of Nijmegen, now there are also cute little christmas trees glued to almost every single street lantern or pole. Two days ago I haven't seen them yet. In the shopwindows there are still adored by everyone little helpers of Sinterklaas. The only missing thing is snow.

What do we have than? Rain. After a long warm autumn with a beautiful weather, today's gloomy clouds and light shower rain announces coming of the winter. How does winter look like in Holland by the way? Apparently is does snow. However I have never noticed any sign of that during my last year visits. Only rain. Maybe I was unlucky. Or maybe I was actually luck, because I can not really imagine myself cycling throgh the snow. It's all still waiting for me. I heard the most fun starts when a wet street turns into the sheet of ice. 

By the way, I would never thought in my entire life that I'm gonna be riding a bike in December and I'm actually gonna like it. My ability of transporting myself with this vehicle around the city is getting better and now I even dare to go through the crowded city center with my omafiets. I'm not afraid of other cyclists anymore. Now I'm annoyed with them! I start behaving like a frustrated car drived who has to deal with Sunday drivers on his way. Because I'm a good, well raised girl I don't swear in their direction, but my head is full of epithets like "Look where you're going you idiot! How gave you this bicycle?! Go, go and stop playing with your cell phone, just gooo!" Well... I'm intergrating...

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